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About Us

Healthy food in Sayulita. Grocery store with local & organic food.



Terrenal Sayulita is dedicated to providing you and your family with a local option for better health through living organic foods that nourish.

Our goal is to ease the challenge of finding healthy foods, personal care products and householdcleaning supplies. We only offer foods that are 100% organic and/or locally produced free of chemicals and other toxins. Each of our suppliers is subjected to a full review of their ingredients and/or production processes. Our founder has investigated each ingredient in the products we have for sale,so that you can buy without any worry.

Terrenal Sayulita feels an ethical and moral responsibility to promote the health of its customers and their children.



"I am a purest. As a biological medicine healthcare practitioner that expects the best of ethically sourced and organic food, Terrenal is a god-send. For the purest of health oriented people, you could literally put a blindfold on and pick up anything in the store and it would be organic and ethically sourced - good for you and the planet! This store is the only reason I came to Sayulita, due to the ability to eat the way I have chosen for myself: organic and ethically sourced! Thank you, Terrenal!”
Genita M. Mason H.H.P, N.C.

“I love your grocery store! I often drive to Terrenal from San Pancho and am nearly never disappointed. You seem to always have what I need - what a great selection. Thank you for being there – and especially for the home-made kombucha!”
Sarah, P., San Pancho

“We live half of each year in Sayulita. Before I discovered Terrenal, we would fill one entire suitcase with as much healthy food as we could squeeze into it. We were always worried about making it through customs with this “contraband.” Thanks to Terrenal, those worries are over and we can get all the healthy food we need right in Sayulita!”    
Kelly S., Vancouver, BC & Sayulita